Are PIDs allowed for residential areas?

The City of Dallas allows the use of public improvement districts for single-family districts (defined as areas with a minimum of 30% of land area dedicated to detached, single-family housing) in established areas (defined as at least 80% of all single-family lots being developed) for the purpose of funding screening wall improvements, park improvements and maintenance, landscaping, other public improvements and additional security if less than 50% of the total PID budget. 

The Prestonwood PID shall continue to be renewed, supported and administered until such time the City Council deems it appropriate not to pursue renewal in accordance with Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code. In new or renewing single-family PIDs, the City will require that owners representing at least 66.7% of the value and 66.7% of all record owners or 66.7% of land area support the creation of a new PID (includes Prestonwood PID) Currently, only the Prestonwood PID serves as a residential PID for the City of Dallas.

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3. Are PIDs allowed for residential areas?