Better Block Pleasant Grove

BB Group PhotoWith the support of District 5 Council Member Jaime Resendez, the Office of Economic Development has been partnering over the past 6 months with Better Block and the Inspired Vision Compassion Center to engage the community and reimagine a commercial parking lot in Pleasant Grove at the southwest corner of Bruton Rd and Masters Dr.

This transformative tactical urbanism project demonstrates the possibility of reimagining unused/underutilized retail property, including private surface parking, and transforming it from “space” into “a place” to spur economic development and revitalization. 

BB Basketball

Better Block’s work is centered around community engagement and included a community survey which inspired the treatments to the parking lot. Underutilized, surplus parking spaces were redesigned and activated into flex areas and a basketball court for the community’s on-going use. The improved space was revealed to the community on November 18 and celebrated with a community event with local vendors and artists. For more information, please visit the following link:

BB Before After