City of Dallas Economic Incentives Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Office of Economic Development’s incentive programs. The recently approved  Economic Development Incentive Policy keeps the economic development tools that have made Dallas competitive and adds new, innovative tools to institutionalize a living wage, streamline the process for smaller developers, create a new fund to address infrastructure challenges and prioritize investment in specific areas. The new incentive policy directs certain programs and incentives toward designated Target Areas  that align with the state’s designated Enterprise Zones, which are census block groups designated as distressed areas.

City funds are generally the last funding source committed to a project, and can be used to fill the gap that remains after other funding sources are maximized. Learn more about the Office of Economic Development’s programs from the links on the left.

Get Started 

If you have reviewed the incentive tools and requirements, you may begin the application process by clicking  below on the incentive application best suited for your particular project.  If you are unsure and need help determining the best incentive program for your project, please complete our quick and easy Incentives Inquiry Tool that will direct you to the  best fit program for your project. If you'd like to connect with Economic Development staff about any of these programs, please email us.