Strategic Economic Development Plan

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Creating a Roadmap For a Better Dallas

As part of its mission to support existing and prospective businesses and development opportunities, the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development has engaged the services of AngelouEconomics, an Austin-based economic development consulting firm, to prepare a comprehensive strategic development plan.

The plan, which will be completed in 2019, will provide the City of Dallas with a road map to leverage its considerable assets and help us reach our economic growth and diversification goals. It will also give us a competitive assessment of our community and identify target industries that have the greatest potential to foster strong economic growth in the future.

Our Progress So Far

As City of Dallas residents and/or business owners, the feedback you have provided during Phase I, II, and III of the plan (Stakeholder Engagement, Market Assessment, Target Industry Analysis, respectively) has been extremely helpful. AngelouEconomics, the consultant retained by the City, has now completed the draft Economic Development Plan.

Next Steps

City staff are currently reviewing the draft plan. Once City staff has reviewed the plan and the consultant has made the recommended adjustments, we will present the plan to the Economic Development and Housing Committee, as well as the Economic Development Plan Steering Committee. Afterward, we plan to host a series of town hall meetings: in-person and virtual to present the plan to the public and secure feedback from the residents and businesses in the City of Dallas. It's our goal to present the plan to the public in late spring and to Dallas City Council for adoption in 2019.

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While the focus will be on economic development programs that the City of Dallas has under its domain, it will be important for the Office of Economic Development’s strategic partners to continue playing a collaborative role in building a higher-level, sustainable economy.

This isn’t the first time the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development has undertaken such an effort. The most recent strategic plan for the City was created in 2006 with a subsequent update in 2013. Both the 2006 plan and 2013 update were prepared by City staff. The contemporary document will be the first comprehensive strategic economic development plan completed for the City of Dallas by an external consultant, with oversight by a local steering committee. The strategic plan will build upon the Market Value Analysis (MVA) and the recently-adopted Comprehensive Dallas Housing Policy, as well as other relevant planning documents adopted by the Dallas City Council.

Stay Engaged

This website will be updated as the study progresses, so check back often. If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact us at We will continue to update the community regularly on our progress.