City of Dallas Economic Profile

The annual Economic Profile is designed to introduce Dallas to prospective investors, developers, businesses, and residents. Its purpose is to support the development process by informing the private sector so that both public and private returns are maximized.

The Profile's pages are designed so that they can be combined in ways to support each client's special needs. For convenience, the Profile may be downloaded as smaller packages: a one-page summary, an overview, the business environment, employment in Dallas, economic development strategy, quality of life, and economic statistics. 

Full Economic Profile

The Dallas Economic Profile presents a snapshot of Dallas' latest demographic and economic statistics and overviews of city living, priority development areas, target industries, and development policies and incentives. With maps, photos, graphs, and charts, this publication will bring you up to speed on what’s happening in Dallas.
2019 Dallas Economic Profile Image

Economic Profile Summary

This one-page Economic Profile Summary features the highlights of Dallas' competitive advantages as a place to live and work. 
2019 Dallas Summary Image

Economic Profile Overview

The Economic Profile Overview introduces Dallas and DFW and gives context to their position in the greater state, national, and global business environment. It also provides comparative data to our peer cities.
2019 Dallas Overview Image

Business Environment

The Business Environment section details the diverse businesses and industries that call Dallas home. It also presents information that businesses need to know when making site selection decisions, such as tax rates, utility pricing, and logistics infrastructure.
2019 Dallas Business Environment Image

Employment in Dallas

The Employment in Dallas section of the Economic Profile informs employees of the opportunities for careers in Dallas. It also includes basic information that employers should know regarding unemployment taxes, workers comp, and training opportunities.
2019 Employment in Dallas Image

Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy details the Office of Economic Development’s strategic plan and programs available to implement the plan. It also describes the City’s infrastructure projects and catalyst areas for development and redevelopment. The Dallas Film Commission, part of the Office, is also included.

2019 Dallas Economic Development Strategy Image

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life section of the Profile describes what it’s like to live and thrive in Dallas. Our low cost of living creates exceptional opportunities to live well in the city. Dallas’ cultural, recreational, shopping, dining, educational, and health assets are included, as well as information about our climate and environmental stewardship.

2019 Dallas Quality of Life Image

Economic Statistics 

The Economic Statistics section of the Profile includes data and charts about the city's economy. It showcases the city's historical unemployment rate, construction activity, gross sales, gross city product, home prices, and stock index.

2019 Dallas Economic Statistics Image