South Dallas/Fair Park PID

South Blvd Park Row Homes (OED-Patskin)

The South Dallas/Fair Park Public Improvement District (SDFPPID) was established in 2016. The SDFPPID consists of approximately 630 properties and has a variety of land uses including commercial and residential properties. South Side Quarter Development Corporation (SSQDC) manages the PID. The nature of the services and improvements provided by the SDFPPID are enhanced security and public safety, capital improvements (including landscaping, lighting, sidewalks, streets, parks, fountains, and roadways) and promotions (including outreach, business development, and marketing) and other activities that are approved by the Dallas City Council.

The SDFPPID term ended on December 31, 2023. Please note that no SDFPPID assessment was levied for the 2023 tax year as the final assessment was levied in the 2022 tax year cycle. For additional information please email [email protected] or call (214) 671-8266.

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South Side Quarter Development Corporation

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