Downtown Connection TIF District

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Created in 2005, the Downtown Connection TIF District consists of downtown and Uptown properties, focusing on redevelopment of vacant buildings and underdeveloped properties in downtown’s core. The district was created to provide incentives for eligible projects that increase the core’s density, improve the public realm, activate ground floors, and improve connections within and between downtown and Uptown. The district, along with City Center and Farmers Market TIF Districts, is a crucial part of the evolution of downtown Dallas.

Although Downtown Dallas is the region's largest employment center with over 150,000 workers, the core prior to creation of the district contained millions of square feet of vacant office building space. The Downtown Connection TIF District is part of a multi-faceted plan converting the vacant office space to residential units, shifting the largely office-focused area to a live-work-play, mixed-use neighborhood and entertainment center. As a result of these efforts, downtown Dallas' population has increased from around 200 residents in 2000 to nearly 10,000 today.

Downtown Connection TIF District Map


District Characteristics
TIF Lifespan

  • Creation Date: June 8, 2005
  • Expiration Date: December 31, 2035 or when budget of $231.6 million (2006 dollars) is collected


  • 266.5 Acres
Note that the Downtown Connection & City Center TIF Districts are comprised of specific parcels and are subject to change annually as parcel boundaries are amended.

Participating Jurisdictions

  • City of Dallas 
  • Dallas County 
More information can be found in the annual report, available here.

Downtown Connection TIF District Success Stories

DC-Success Story-Mercantile Bldg

Downtown Connection TIF District Projects Summary

Projects Within TIF District Utilizing TIF Funding

Units / SF
1,893 res. units; 
1,186 hotel rooms; 
223,631 SF retail; 
562,969 SF office
$653,543,630 $299,411,235
Projects Within TIF District Not Utilizing TIF Funding

Units / SF
4,898 res. units; 
875 hotel rooms; 
443,791 SF retail; 5,515,528 SF office
$3,582,863,390 $19,100,000
Total (TIF & Non-TIF)

$4,236,407,020 $318,511,235