Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

The City of Dallas has approved a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program. The Property Assessed Clean Energy Act (SB 385) was enacted by the State of Texas in 2013, and Dallas is one of the first cities in Texas to implement the program.

How It Works

PACE is an innovative financing program that allows owners of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties (with five or more dwelling units) to obtain low-cost, long-term loans for water conservation, energy-efficiency improvements, and renewable retrofits. The PACE Act authorizes municipalities and counties in Texas to work with private sector lenders and property owners to finance qualified improvements using contractual assessments voluntarily imposed on the property by the owner. In exchange for funds provided by a private lender to pay for the improvements, the property owner voluntarily requests that the local government place an assessment secured with a senior lien on the property until the assessment is paid in full. More information on how to harness the power of TX-PACE can be found here.

The City has selected Texas PACE Authority as the Dallas PACE program third party administrator.

Texas PACE Authority Logo

What is PACE Financing?

PACE Projects Dashboard

To explore the interactive PACE dashboard, either click on  the dashboard image below or use this link

Image of PACE dashboard to show PACE projects by year, type and environmental benefit