Public Improvement Districts


Our Public Improvement District (PID) program allows for groups of property owners to request special property tax assessments for the provision of services above typical City of Dallas levels. Working with City staff, each PID may select its own budget and categories based on its goals and needs, subject to Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code. This may consist of eligible supplemental activities such as marketing the area, providing additional security, landscaping and lighting, street cleaning, and cultural or recreational improvements. Each PID is operated by a designated management organization. There are currently thirteen (13) active PIDs in the City of Dallas.

Public Improvement Districts*

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PID Types

Commercial and Mixed-Use PIDs - Boundaries with less than 30% of land area dedicated to detached single-family homes (excluding undeveloped subdivisions). 

 Single-Family PIDs - Boundaries with a minimum of 30% of land area dedicated to detached single-family homes in established areas (those that are at least 80% of the single-family lots are developed). The City PID policy does not allow the creation of PIDs in undeveloped subdivisions. Single-Family PIDs (excluding the Prestonwood PID, subject to City Council renewal) may be created for the purpose of funding screening wall improvements, park improvements and maintenance, landscaping, other public improvement and additional security (if less than 50% of the total PID budget).