The Crossing's Corner Store and Community Kitchen Grand Opening

Cloud Kitchen Ribbon CuttingOn August 25, 2023, City officials and partners of the Dallas Catalyst Project gathered to celebrate the opening of the South Dallas Cloud Kitchen, the final phase of The Crossing development in South Dallas. The Cloud Kitchen is a certified commercial kitchen with the aim to support food-related start-ups in the Forest District and will notably be managed by Cornerstone Baptist Church and residents of the community.

The inception of the South Dallas Cloud Kitchen stems from the efforts of the Dallas Catalyst Project (DCP), a partnership led by The Real Estate Council's philanthropic arm, TREC Community Investors (TREC CI). Along with Cornerstone Baptist Church, Forest Forward, and St. Phillip’s School & Community Center, DCP began the place-based neighborhood revitalization initiative aiming to advance equitable development, fortify job readiness, enhance safety and infrastructure, and elevate the overall quality of life for South Dallas residents.

In October 2020, the City Council approved a contribution of $390,000 for the development of the South Dallas Cloud Kitchen development. The City collaborated with TREC CI, Cornerstone Baptist Church, and the Real Estate Council’s Associate Leadership Council class of 2021 to bring the final project to fruition.

The Crossing, located at 2839 Ervay Street in Dallas, TX, unfolded in two-phases. Phase 1 was the creation of an approximately 2,000-square-foot community laundromat—the first of its kind in the area in several years. Phase 2, the remaining 3,000 square feet, is dedicated to a community market and the new commercial kitchen space. The community market fulfills a vital role by providing access to food, drink, and essential household items at affordable prices, while the community kitchen is a shared resource available for local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and culinary education programming.Kitchen A

Local food-related businesses and entrepreneurs can rent the certified commercial kitchen to prepare food to sell to consumers by the hour at a low rate. The facility holds full licensing, relieving short-term renters of concerns regarding health inspections, equipment maintenance, or insurance. Users’ sole responsibility will be to ensure they possess the necessary food handling certificates.

This project is one of 22 developments being completed by the DCP in the Forest District. The South Dallas Cloud Kitchen will fill a vital grocery gap, but it also delivers much needed redevelopment to the area, while providing employment opportunities, and act as a catalyst for ongoing revitalization efforts in the community.