Negotiated Incentives

The Office of Economic Development may offer negotiated tax abatements, grants or loans to qualified projects with a demonstrated need. All projects must fulfill a public purpose of creating Living Wage jobs or growing the city tax base, and otherwise comply with the City of Dallas Incentive Policy.  

Negotiated Incentives are available for (1) projects with a total budget greater than $25 million, (2) projects located outside of Target Areas, (3) projects in a Target Area for which an as-of-right tax abatement is insufficient to fill the financial gap.

When negotiating a Negotiated Abatement offer, staff will consider both (1) results of underwriting/gap analysis or fiscal impact analysis, and (2) the project’s rating on an evaluation scorecard to assess public benefits delivered by the project. The public benefit scorecard ensures the City’s equity priorities play a key role in determining the incentive award, in addition to financial need and economic terms. More advantageous recommendations will be made for projects that score higher.

To be eligible for loan or grant as a negotiated incentive, projects must increase the City’s tax base, create jobs, or otherwise satisfy the public purpose requirements of the policy. 


For projects that are seeking incentives related to job creation or retention, please use this application.

For projects that are seeking incentives for real estate development , please use this application

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