Neighborhood Empowerment Zones

1-Neighborhood Empowerment Zone 10-S Buckner Blvd (ECO-Patskin)

In 2019, the Dallas City Council approved two Neighborhood Empowerment Zones (NEZ) for the City of Dallas. These zones, NEZ #9 and NEZ #10, were created for specific areas where additional economic development tools could prove beneficial to commercial properties and small businesses.

A NEZ, as outlined in Chapter 378 of the Texas Local Government Code, must promote any of the following: 

  • An increase in the economic development in the zone
  • An increase in the quality of social services, education, or public safety for residents of the zone
  • Creation and/or rehabilitation of affordable housing in the zone

Use the map below to see if your business falls within NEZ #9 or NEZ #10.

Neighborhood Empowerment Zones

A municipality may create a NEZ by adopting a resolution that:

  • Describes boundaries of the zone
  • Determines that the creation of the zone benefits, and is for the purpose of, increasing public health, safety and welfare of persons in the municipality
  • Finds that the zone satisfies requirements of Section 312.202 of the Tax Code (Property Redevelopment and Tax Abatement Act)

Please refer to each NEZ (NEZ #9 and NEZ #10) for specific investment or job retention/expansion requirements and for the assistance that may be available. Assistance may be a grant, loan, tax abatement or other form and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

If your property and/or business is located within a NEZ please review the NEZ pre-screening application, available here.