North Lake Highlands PID

Gateway Bridge Concept (2016)

The North Lake Highlands Public Improvement District (NLHPID) was created in 2017 and started operating on January 1, 2018. The NLHPID serves to enhance security and public safety, capital improvements, improvement of common areas, landscaping, trash/litter removal, graffiti control, marketing and promotional activities, distinctive lighting and signage, business development and recruitment to promote the area, and related expenses incurred in establishing, administering and operating the PID. The Lake Highlands Improvement District Corporation manages the NLHPID as well as the Lake Highlands PID.

The current NLHPID terms runs until December 31, 2024, with the annual budget and assessment rate subject to a public hearing and Dallas City Council approval.

North Lake Highlands PID Boundary Area

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Lake Highlands LID Logo

Physical Address:
 8676 Skillman
 Dallas, TX 75243
 Tel: 214.931.1206

Mailing Address:
 9090 Skillman, Suite 182A-PMB 101
 Dallas, TX 75243