TreeHouse Store for Grown-Ups

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By Sonya Hohlt
June 27, 2017

Dallas residents have a new option when shopping for home improvement products, now that TreeHouse has opened in the The Hill Shopping Center in North Dallas on Walnut Hill Lane and North Central Expressway. TreeHouse is the world’s first completely green home improvement store, focusing on products made from sustainable resources, that are completely non-toxic, that conserve energy, and that create zero waste. 

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The Dallas store is the company’s first foray outside of its original store in Austin. TreeHouse’s co-founder and CEO Jason Ballard says there are three reasons why the retailer chose Dallas. First, they like Dallas’ demographics, with plenty of college-educated homeowners to become customers. Second, TreeHouse is “Texas-born,” and he and the other owners want to grow it in Texas first and to prove that the concept can be successful outside of Austin. Third, many of TreeHouse’s investors and board members live in Dallas, and they believe that there’s a pent-up demand for excellent quality green home products in Dallas.

The store has three main sections: design, performance, and outdoors. The design section includes products to build a dream kitchen and bathroom, as well as flooring and paint. TreeHouse sells the lowest toxicity paint available. There is a full-time interior designer on staff to help customers with their choices. Performance includes products that reduce energy usage and in some instances create energy, such as LED lights, solar panels, and energy star metal roofs.  It includes smart home products. There is an example of a high performance home inside the store, so that customers can see how all the elements work together. The outdoors section is about 30 percent bigger than the original Austin location. It offers native plants, rain barrels, and other outdoor needs, as well as an on-staff horticulturalist and landscape designer.

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The TreeHouse building itself is remarkable. It’s the first energy positive home improvement store in the world, meaning it produces more energy with its 539 solar panels and two Tesla Powerwall batteries than it uses. The store was built with sustainable design, even going so far as to accommodate an existing large oak tree; the garden center is built around it. Besides the products for sale, the building also has a “home school” space for educational classes such as composting and how to have a high-performing house. There are also two conference rooms that are free for public use. Ballard says “the building is an icon to our mission” of health and sustainability.

Ballard says that TreeHouse has competitive pricing – green products shouldn’t be exclusive to the well-to-do. He says that living sustainably and in a healthy environment will be the “new normal.” With Dallas in the midst of a home remodeling and building boom, TreeHouse is a welcome addition for those seeking healthy building materials and energy saving options. 

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