Prestonwood PID

Prestonwood Signage (Credit Urban Fabric Photography) DSC_2095_1
The Prestonwood Public Improvement District (PPID) was first established in 1997 and renewed in 2004, 2011 and 2018. The Prestonwood area consists of approximately 1,031 residential properties. The general nature of the service and improvements provided by the PID are to enhance security and other security related improvement and other activities that are approved by the Dallas City Council. The PID is managed by the Prestonwood Homeowners Association, a voluntary homeowners association.

The current PID term runs until December 31, 2025 with annual budget and assessment rate subject to a public hearing and City Council approval. 

Prestonwood PID Boundary Area

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Prestonwood PID

P.O. Box 795682 
Dallas, TX 75379