Vickery Meadow TIF District

The Vickery Meadow TIF District is located to the east of North Central Expressway (US Highway 75), roughly bounded by Northwest Highway to the south, Twin Hills to the North, and Shady Brook Lane/5-Points at Ridgecrest/Park Lane to the west. The Vickery Meadow TIF district was created in 2006 to serve as a catalyst model for mixed-use development by redeveloping a functionally and structurally obsolete commercial and rental residential area to take full advantage of the DART light rail system, promote transit-oriented development and implement context sensitive urban design standards. The District is now home to The Shops at Park Lane, Half Priced Books (set for additional development), and numerous Vickery Meadow non-profit agencies.

The Shops at Park Lane is a $750 million, 33-acre mixed-use development that contains approximately 1.5 million square feet, consisting of a 250-room hotel, 850,000 square feet of retail and entertainment, 425 residential units, 336,000 square feet of office space and multiple parking structures.

Vickery Meadow TIF District Map

District Characteristics

TIF Lifespan

  • Creation Date: April 27, 2005
  • Expiration Date: December 31, 2027


  • 179.65 Acres

Participating Jurisdictions

  • City of Dallas
  • Dallas County
More information can be found in the annual report, available here.

Vickery Meadow TIF District Projects Summary

Projects & Potential Project Projects Within TIF District Utilizing TIF Funding

Units / SF
Approximate Value TIF Investment
325 res. units; 
560,184 SF retail/ 
restaurant; 107,000 
SF office; parking
$226,952,710 $20,000,000
Projects & Potential Projects Within 
TIF District Not Utilizing TIF Funding

Units / SF
Approximate Value TIF Investment
246 res. units; 
69,296 SF 
retail / restaurant; 
122,000 SF office; 
1,376 parking 
spaces; 10,000 SF open green space
$52,428,350 $0
Total (TIF & Non-TIF)
571 res. units; 629,480 SF retail/restaurant; 129,000 SF office; and 10,000 SF green space $279,381,060 $20,000,000