Dallas Housing Finance Corporation

Created by the City of Dallas in 1984, the Dallas Housing Finance Corporation (DHFC) provides tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds and other support for the acquisition, construction or substantial rehabilitation of multi-family housing. Developments facilitated by DHFC financing provide housing for individuals and families earning 60 percent or below area median family income.

Eligible Projects

DHFC priorities for multifamily projects include:

  1. Demolition and reconstruction of existing substandard multifamily developments;
  2. Rehabilitation/adaptive reuse of existing multifamily developments;
  3. New construction of housing for special needs such as seniors or individuals with disabilities;
  4. Youth projects, including housing for the homeless on an individual basis; or
  5. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) financed projects for new construction of housing for low and moderate income households, with a priority given to master-planned, mixed-income and transit-oriented developments.


DHFC has the authority to purchase, lease, own, hold title to, or otherwise acquire an interest in a residential development, directly or indirectly through a subsidiary of the DHFC, provided that the City Council, by resolution, prior to the transaction being consummated by the DHFC:

  • Finds and determines that such transaction should be undertaken;
  • Approves the form of the transaction; and
  • Authorizes such purchase, lease, or ownership of, holding of title to, or acquisition of the interest in the residential development the form of the amendment as approved and amended by City Council and all governing policies.

Please contact DHFC staff for information on specific project opportunities.