A Commitment to Strategic Engagement

  1. Strategic Engagement envisions a city that captures a healthy share of regional growth while improving opportunities for its citizens and businesses.
    The economic development plan of the City of Dallas, Strategic Engagement, was approved by Dallas City Council in 2005, updated in 2013, and continues to be relevant today.

    • Strategically engaged in economic development, where government works with the business community to overcome obstacles to growth and markets itself locally, nationally and globally;
    • Business-friendly by effectively leveraging its strengths in professional services, technology, logistics and as a destination of choice for entrepreneurs;
    • The urban alternative in North Texas with dynamic residential and commercial markets downtown, and thriving neighborhoods throughout central Dallas that are connected by roads, rails and trails;
    • Economically balanced where strategic investments help the economic potential of the entire city to be realized;
    • Home to great neighborhoods serving a diversity of housing needs with quality retail, transit, parks and libraries; and
    • Sustainable by supporting families’ and enterprises’ creative and productive pursuits within the limits of its natural resources.

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